We Celebrate Small Progress at the Board of Pardons and We Demand Even More

Amistad Law Project’s Statement on the September 2020 Public Hearings

Today we celebrate small progress at the Board of Pardons and we demand even more. As a result of this week’s hearings at the Board of Pardons 9 incarcerated people, over 40% of the cases being heard, received a recommendation for commutation by the Board and will likely come home, pending Governor Wolf’s signature. We are elated for Avis Lee, Mildred Strickland, Henrietta Harris, Kevin Butler, Daniel Cummings, Reid Evans, Wyatt Evans, Francisco Mojica and Gregory Stover, and celebrate with their communities, which will be stronger upon their return. People obtaining their deserved freedom is a joyful thing, and brings us closer to a true healing and safety for our communities.

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